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I am always on the lookout for websites and domain names that are used by local businesses in my area. I like to see what domains the companies and entrepreneurs use for their web presence.

You know the Deep South is not really known for being the most technologically advanced and at the forefront of innovation, but we are coming around.

I travel to Hattiesburg once, twice a week. Slidell and NOLA every other week. And, I drive around the Coast from Bay St. Louis to Waveland – to Gulfport, Biloxi and D’Iberville – and over to Ocean Springs, Gautier and Pascagoula.

I love to see local companies that understand domains and branding. I love to see the businesses that own EMDs and have killer brandables to use as their web presence around here.

I love it even more when these EMDs and killer brandables are put to good use with content that is fresh and updated.

Yes, social media is important, I get that. But, when you don’t update your website with all that content you’re giving away to Facebook and Twitter for free, it screams indifference to me.

An Example of What Not to Do

My wife and I were eating at a very nice Italian restaurant in Hattiesburg yesterday. I think she found it on Trip Advisor by way of a Google search for Hattiesburg restaurants.

The restaurant’s Facebook was updated with fresh content – daily specials and lots of pictures of very nice dishes. I could tell they spent a lot of time on their Facebook page.

When you walk in the door of the restaurant – and this is a very nice place with great food and service – there are huge chalkboards featuring food and wine. The restaurant’s website address is also featured prominently on the chalkboard.

So being the WURDD man that I am, I type in the address and go to the site. The restaurant’s home page had “New Menu Coming Soon!” and October 2014 as the date. I just don’t understand, I really don’t.

Quick Remedy

You live in a college town. Get a kid to migrate your site over to WordPress. Update your menu and pictures and content on your new website. Get a plugin that automatically updates your Facebook and Twitter with what you post on your website. Post your specials and pictures everyday on your website.

BOOM, done. Two hours tops. You own the content. Your website, Facebook and Twitter all have fresh content. Google loves fresh content. You are #1 on Google with plenty of long tail juice.

The Long Tail

The Long Tail, you say? What is the Long Tail, you are wondering? Only the greatest thing unknown to mankind. The Long Tail could turn the little Italian restaurant above into the only place to eat in Hattiesburg.

The Long Tail is how you find stuff on Google. You know, you and only you. You are an independent person. You have your own mind. It’s your originality, your individuality that makes you who you are. And, that device you hold in your hand is your ticket to freedom (and your prison I might add).

Anyway, when we search for something on Google we get about ten search results per page. The results we get may be relevant, they may not be relevant. Whatever it is, it’s what Google thinks we want and Google ranks it from most relevant to least relevant.

The Long Tail is all the stuff from the top of the search results to the bottom of the search results on all the pages of search results. We are talking about a tail of results that could wrap around the planet for some searches.

The Long Tail is Your Friend

When you start adding posts with fresh content to your website, Google eventually grabs these posts and adds them to the search results. These posts will start showing up throughout Google.

This how people find you when they search for “where can I get the biggest meatball sub in town” or “what restaurant in Hattiesburg has the largest wine list and best food.”

The more relevant content you have on your website that matches these searches, the more often people will find you online because Google loves original, local and fresh content.

And, don’t forget to buy the best domain name you can get – that makes it much easier for people to remember you and come back time and time again.

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