is a Great Brandable Domain Name

You know I’ve been saying how much I loved New Orleans, Creole and Cajun inspired domain names? Well, I’ve been watching a great domain for about a month and can finally say I bought it. Today I registered the domain name 🙂

Louisiana Cochon de LaitCochon de Lait, translated from French, means pig in milk. In Cajun cuisine, Cochon de Lait is the slow roasting of a whole hog over an open flame. The amount of work that goes into the cooking of a whole hog requires a ton of labor and large appetite of quite a few people.

Throughout Acadiana, Cajun pig roasts are held for special occasions and gatherings, and are lovingly known as Cochon de Lait. The Louisiana Cochon de Lait is very similar to the Hawaiian Luau – both are celebratory feasts centered around the presentation of the whole pig. In fact, there are numerous outfits in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge area that cater Cochon de Lait parties.

Cochon de Lait Festival

Cochon de Lait Festival Mansura LouisianaMansura, Louisiana bills itself as the Cochon de Lait Capital of the World and hosts the Cochon de Lait Festival each year during the second weekend in May. The Cochon de Lait Festival was first held in 1960 and had as many as 100,000 attendees during the 1972 festival, completely overwhelming the small town of Mansura.

Today, the Cochon de Lait Festival offers plenty of Cajun food, music, rides, games, contests, street dances, parades, arts and crafts. It’s also a great place to see the time-honored ritual of Cochon de Lait preparation first hand.

New Orleans Cochon de LaitComing this October 21st is the inaugural New Orleans Cochon de Lait Festival benefiting the Citizens Organization for Police Support. It’s being held at Palmer Park at the intersection of Claiborne and Carrollton. There will be vendors, live music and plenty of food and fun.

Cochon de Lait Poboy

Made with Cochon de Lait pulled pork, topped with cold cabbage, a little homemade horseradish sauce and piled high on French bread, the Cochon de Lait Poboy is the sandwich of dreams for BBQ connoisseurs the world over.

The Cochon de Lait Poboy was billed as one of the top 30 sandwiches in the United States by Esquire and Chef Anthony Bourdain even professed his love of one at Walker’s BBQ on the Lakefront. The #1 place to enjoy a Cochon de Lait Poboy is the Love at First Bite booth during Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

It looks like was first registered back in 2004 by the Mansura Chamber of Commerce and used to advertise the Cochon de Lait Festival. By 2009, was redirecting to, also registered by Mansura Chamber of Commerce.

By 2014, was privately owned and had a hosting placeholder page on it. It also ceased to redirect to I don’t understand why this domain would be dropped, but it moved into redemption status by the end of 2016 and was not renewed. Thankfully, I found it being auctioned off at NameJet in March, 2017. is a generic, aged, exact match, category killer brandable domain name. And, it fits perfectly into my portfolio of New Orleans inspired domain names like,,, and

If you notice, these are all descriptive words that actually have meaning. And, each one is completely brandable and could potentially stand on its own as the name of a business or brand. These are the types of domains I love to invest in.

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