Mississippi Gulf Coast Casinos Domain Names

Mississippi Gulf Coast casinos dominate the horizon around Gulfport and Biloxi. You can see the towers along the beach and Back Bay for miles in all directions. Casinos are the pulse of our region – generating jobs, tax dollars, tourism and 24/7 entertainment – all helping to enhance the quality of life around here.

A big part of my business consists of researching domain names, asking questions and offering solutions from an entrepreneurial point of view. I teach people how to benefit from domain ownership, build brand awareness with domains and create excitement in branding online. There are infinite possibilities the right domain name and web presence can do for a business. I can quickly tell the companies that get it and the ones that don’t.

I love to peek inside the domain portfolios owned by different companies – the names they use publicly and the names they own but don’t use and what they do and don’t do with them and why. I enjoy helping them realize that sometimes there are better domain names out there and these names can be easily and fairly acquired.

Since casinos are big business down here in South Mississippi, I wanted to take an inside look at the domain names they use. These guys are full brick and mortar and they depend on actual foot traffic rather than virtual traffic. However, these days the first impression is always made on a phone, tablet or desktop. Buy those aged, brandable, exact match .com domain names today, guys! They are the best investment you can make in your business.

Biloxi Casino Domain Names

  • BeauRivage.com – The Beau is a beauty here on the Coast. It’s a manicured masterpiece housed in a beautiful skyscraper that happens to be the tallest building in Mississippi. Owned by MGM Resorts International, the domain is managed by CSC and was registered in 1998. MGM owns over 3,500 domains including MGMGrand.com, MGMPark.com, Mirage.com, MonteCarlo.com, Aria.com, NYLV.com, quite a few new gtlds and 1000s of defensive registrations. They also own BeauRivageCasino.com. They do not own BeauRivageBiloxi.com – it’s in the Name Find portfolio at Go Daddy.
  • BoomtownBiloxi.com – Boomtown Casino is owned by Penn National Gaming. The domain was first registered in 1998 at Go Daddy. Penn National owns over 1,000 domains that are mostly defensive registrations. They do not own the exact match domain Boomtown.com – it’s under private ownership regged in 1994 at NetSol – or even BoomtownCasino.com – private ownership since 1999 at ENOM. The company operates five Boomtown Casinos – one in Nevada and Mississippi and three in Louisiana. Why not negotiate to buy one of the two exact match domains above and increase awareness of the Boomtown brand?
  • GoldenNugget.com – The Golden Nugget Casino in Biloxi is owned by Landry’s Restaurants. They use a subdirectory of the main domain for the Golden Nugget Biloxi. GoldenNugget.com is at NetSol and was registered in 1995. Landry’s owns over 800 mostly brand names and defensive domains including BubbaGump.com, RainforestCafe.com, SaltGrass.com, ClaimJumper.com and Mortons.com. The company also owns GoldenNuggetBiloxi.com – it resolves to a placeholder page and should be forwarded to the Biloxi Golden Nugget subdirectory, a quick fix that needs to be taken care of – and TheGoldenNuggetBiloxi.com that does not resolve. BiloxiFun.com, BiloxiBoardwalk.com, BiloxiPier.com, BiloxiMarina.com and BiloxiIsle.com are all owned by Landry’s, but nothing is developed on any of the domains. These are great local domains I’m hoping to see some future development on.
  • HRHCBiloxi.com – The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi is owned by Twin River Worldwide Holdings. The Hard Rock name is franchised by Hard Rock International, which in turn is owned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Hard Rock International owns a whopping 6,000 domain names including HardRock.com, HardRockPins.com, HardRockers.com, thousands of restaurant locations and thousands of defensive regs. The main web address is on HRHCBiloxi.com, registered in 2011. Would you know what this was if you saw it? It looks like a hospital or human resources department at a bank. They also own HardRockBiloxi.com. It was first registered in 2003 and is forwarded to it. HardRockBiloxi.com is much more descriptive, perfect for a billboard or radio message – I would use it as my main address mainly for the SEO benefit.
  • HarrahsGulfCoast.com – The domain forwards to the subdirectory of Harrah’s Gulf Coast at Caesars.com. Harrah’s Gulf Coast is owned by Caesars Entertainment – owner of more than 50 casinos. Domain managed by MarkMonitor and regged in 2006. Caesars domain portfolio consists of over 4,500 domain names including SBO.com and WSOP.com, thousands of defensives, and the absolute category killer for their business – Casinos.com. They also have exact match domains for their brands – Horseshoe.com, Ballys.com, Harrahs.com, and Harveys.com. HarrahsBiloxi.com is available and should be regged as a defensive domain by Caesars.
  • IPBiloxi.com – The IP Casino Resort and Spa in Biloxi is owned by Boyd Gaming. IPBiloxi.com was registered in 1996 at Go Daddy. Boyd Gaming owns nearly 800 domain names including the awesome PokerRoom.com, TreasureChest.com, ImperialPalace.com, DeltaDowns.com, defensive brand registrations and quite a few .vegas and .xxx domains, the last ones could easily be dropped. IP.com could have been registered in 1998, I bet they would have loved to have grabbed this one at the time. You know, back then many of the LL.com’s, even NN.com’s could have been hand registered – they are easily worth 7 figures today. They also own BiloxiCasinoGolf.com, but the domain does not resolve. C’mon guys let’s develop these Biloxi domain names.
  • PalaceCasinoResort.com – The Palace Casino Resort is privately owned by Robert E. Low, the founder of trucking company Prime, Inc. The Palace Casino in Biloxi is the only smoke-free casino on the Coast and a terrific marketing tool for these guys. The domain is at NetSol and was registered in 2000 under privacy. PalaceCasino.com would be a nice exact match domain for these guys, but it is owned and developed by another casino in Edmonton, Alberta. PalaceCasinoBiloxi.com is privately owned by an individual in Vietnam. PalaceBiloxi.com is owned by an individual in California and is for sale. However, I think PalaceCasinoResort.com suits them just fine – I would stick with it, unless PalaceCasino.com came up for sale.
  • TreasureBay.com – Fantastic exact match casino domain name for this beautiful property on Biloxi Beach, right next where the old Broadwater Beach Resort stood. These guys get it and have the best domain name possible for their business – exact match and very easy to remember. They sure made it a little easier on their marketing department with the domain. Registered in 1996 at NetSol, I can remember back in the late 90’s when the Treasure Bay Casino was in a replica pirate ship complete with masts and sails. Hurricane Katrina’s surge lifted the ship from its moorings in the gulf and straddled it across Beach Boulevard. Treasure Bay Casino is owned by Treasure Bay LLC. Based in Biloxi, Treasure Bay LLC also owns casinos in Aruba, Bonaire, St. Croix and St. Lucia.

Bay St. Louis, D’Iberville and Gulfport Casino Domain Names

  • HollywoodCasinoBSL.com The Hollywood Casino Bay St. Louis is owned by Penn National Gaming. Penn National owns 1,000 domains including HollywoodCasino.com, Argosy.com, a handful of LLLL.com chips and a ton of defensive regs that can probably be weeded out. HollywoodCasinoBSL.com was registered in 2006 at Go Daddy. They also own HollywoodCasinoGulfCoast.com and HollywoodCasinoBiloxi.com most likely as defensive registrations. TheHollywood.com is in the NameFind portfolio for sale at Go Daddy. I think it would work really well for these guys – everyone I know calls it “the Hollywood” – that’s just a thought. ***Since I wrote this piece in the spring of 2017, it looks like the Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis switched from HollywoodCasinoBSL.com to HollywoodGulfCoast.com. I missed spotting HollywoodGulfCoast.com back then – it was in their portfolio. I like it much better than HollywoodCasinoBSL.com, so very good move here Penn National!
  • IslandViewCasino.com – The Island View Casino is just off the busy intersection of Beach Boulevard and US 49 at the Port of Gulfport. The Island View is a hub of activity and is packed with people every time I drive by it. The Island View Casino is privately owned by Rick Carter and Terry Green. IslandViewCasino.com was registered in 2006 at Public Domain Registry. The domain IslandView.com is owned by a private individual in Washington State and was first regged in 1997. IslandView.com is currently parked with ads and is a terrific brandable domain name. Acquiring this aged valuable exact match domain name should be at the top of the Things to Do List at Island View Casino.
  • ScarletPearlCasino.com The Scarlet Pearl Casino is the newest casino development on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It is located on the Back Bay in D’Iberville and is owned by West D’Iberville Development LLC. ScarletPearlCasino.com was registered in 2014 at Go Daddy. The brandable domain name ScarletPearl.com was registered in 2012 by an individual in Utah. This domain should have been acquired by the company before naming the casino and informing the public of their intentions to build it. This is a huge oversight by management and the number of companies that continue to do this is surprising. Right now there is a generic Go Daddy placeholder page on the ScarletPearl.com domain name.
  • SilverSlipper-MS.com – The Silver Slipper slipped up somewhere – they need to get rid of the hyphen as soon as possible. Domain regged in 2004 at Go Daddy, they also own SilverSlipperCasinoHotel.com – I would use this one before the hyphenated one. Casino purchased by Full House Resorts in 2012. They do not own SilverSlipper.com – private ownership at Go Daddy since 1998 – nor do they own SilverSlipperCasino.com – registered in 2004, does not resolve and is still held by the previous owner of the casino – this is probably an oversight by new management. I would make a call today, get this domain transferred and make it my primary web address. They also do not own SilverSlipperMS.com, which I’ll bet syphons off some traffic every day.

Future Casino Developments on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

  • BiloxiPointeCasino.com – The Foxwoods Resort Casino at Biloxi Pointe is currently being built by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe Nation in a blockbuster $265 million development on the Back Bay of Biloxi. BiloxiPointeCasino.com was registered under privacy at 1&1 in November, 2015. The excellent brandable domain BiloxiPointe.com along with 20 other defensive domain names was registered a full six months before by The Hartmann Group, advisers to the Tribe. Learn from this. Before you make any business announcements or tell anyone what you are doing, if the domain is available, buy the exact match domain name. If the domain has already been registered, negotiate a fair price with the owner. If the owner wants too much, find another name. Purchase only .com domain names that are short, to the point and easy to remember – these make the very best company names. Never give someone else the opportunity to grab a domain name out from under you or gain the upper hand in negotiations by announcing your intentions early.

There are a few more casino developments on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that are in the initial stages of design and development. All have to go through a rigorous approval process with the local authorities and the Mississippi Gaming Commission before the all clear is given.

These include the Golden Harbor Casino, a 10.7 acre casino resort proposed for the Gulfport Harbor, the South Beach Casino Resort at Veterans and US 90 in Biloxi, and a Diamondhead casino development on land west of the yacht club.

I don’t have enough information to really get into these new casino developments just yet, but as more information is made public I will add these to my list above of Mississippi Gulf Coast casino domain names. I hope you’ve enjoyed the list, maybe it’ll inspire our businesses on the Mississippi Gulf Coast to invest in better domain names. 🙂

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