Maui Palms Tree Service

Maui is known throughout the world for the exquisite beauty of the island’s palm trees. Maui Palms Tree Service is well qualified to take care of your palm trees no matter what the situation calls for – if you have a palm tree problem, contact us today.

Maui PalmsOn an island like Maui, where palm trees are planted and grown in every space imaginable, it’s natural that you will require palm tree maintenance services at some time in the life of your palm trees.

Maui Palms Tree Service ensures that your palms are protected from the elements, infestations of insects, all types of diseases, and deficiencies commonly caused by malnutrition.

Some of the services that Maui Palms Tree Service performs include:

  • Palm Trimming – Palm trimming ensures healthy growth in palms, a gain in vigor, higher nutritional health, lowers the transmission of disease, and gives your palms a higher tolerance to wind. As an added bonus we offer spikeless palm trimming – all of our palm tree technicians wear spikeless shoes when trimming your trees.
  • Palm Treatments – Our palm treatments come from years of practicing specialized methods of consistent feeding to treat palm nutritional deficiencies and our patented green eco-smart fungicide and pesticide application processes. We have the lowest price per palm tree on the island.

You may think that your palm tree has an aura of invincibility because it tolerates the Hawaiian climate so well, however the truth is palm trees are extremely sensitive and require a large amount of nutrients in order to remain beautiful, healthy and live a full life.

At Maui Palms Tree Service, we have certified arborists on salary and call, each understanding the uniqueness of each palm tree species that grow on Maui and how to properly care for them.

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