I Love Loosie.com

Many, many lifetimes ago on my first real world job, I drove a 16-bay tractor trailer delivering cases of beer to jukes, honky tonks and neighborhood stores in rural Mississippi.

LoosieIt was hard work and I loved it. I called on roughly 25-30 small accounts a day, leaving the warehouse fully loaded in the morning and – God willing – bringing the truck back home that evening in one piece and empty. There was a definite start and stop to every day that I haven’t found since then and most likely never will.

Yes, I smoked back then. Like a chimney I might add, too. I give my kids the old “back then we didn’t know it was bad for us” spiel, but they don’t believe me. Anyway, when I was selling beer, everybody around me smoked – so naturally, I did too. 🙂

Only problem was – it was too expensive for me to carry around full packs. I got hit up for a smoke everywhere I went. Outside the club, in the store, rolling beer, stocking shelves, in line to get paid – you name it, there was always someone wanting to bum a smoke. I mean, everybody hits up the beer man, don’t they? So, I learned to love the loosie. Wait. The what? Oh, you’ve never heard of a loosie?

What the Heck is a Loosie?

Well, a loosie is a single cigarette sold in the neighborhoods. Since the bulk of my customers were little neighborhood stores and jukes, I could get a loosie at the counter when I got paid after delivery. Back in the good ‘ole days, loosies would set me back 10¢ apiece and every stop had them for sale. And yes, they were mostly Newport’s, if you were wondering.

Times have changed, though. I quit smoking and selling beer years ago, so I haven’t been able to keep up with the current loosie situation. I’ve heard the loosie trade has all but gone underground because the taxman wants his cut. I also hear that loosies cost 50-75¢ each. Damn, how’s that for inflation?

I seriously hadn’t thought about smoking loosies in over ten years. And, that changed in an instant – those memories came rushing back. This is exactly what I love about domaining. Sometimes I can run across a domain name for sale and it takes me straight back in time – kind of like a time machine. The only other thing that has a similar effect on me is music. You know how a song takes you back? Coming across great domain names can, too!

Loosie.com is a Generic, Aged, Brandable Domain Name

At one time Loosie.com was an entertainment e-zine published by Loosie Media of NYC way back in the early 2000s. The domain has been dormant for the last 10 years, though.

Not only is loosie slang for a loose cigarette or joint, it’s also a term lovingly used for the loose forward positions in rugby – the loosies that make up the back row. And, last but not least, a loosie is a special song release that musicians sometimes offer as a free download on the Internet.

Loosie.com is coming back down South where it belongs! For more information about the domain name Loosie.com, feel free to contact WURDD.

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