Design Your Own Website

If you really want to unlock your earning potential in the domain business, you need to understand how to design your own website. This will give you a small taste of HTML, CSS and search engine rankings – components you should know the basics of if you ever want to excel in this business.

I started building websites largely by accident in the late 1990s. I can remember first getting online at a friend’s house around 1995. My first taste of the world wide web was Prodigy or Compuserve chat rooms, I think. No big deal for me.

Netscape, however, was a big deal. I could explore anything. Go anywhere I wanted. The world at my fingertips. I was just a user, though. I had no idea about the nuts and bolts of the net – I was too busy working 70 hour weeks and raising a family.

My First Website

I can’t remember why or how we got interested, but the same friend and I started tinkering around with HTML in 1997. We decided that we would each build our own websites. They were both SEC football related – could it have been anything else?

I still have my first website and it’s still on the same old sub-domain. I used one of those free web host providers for it, probably the first one I came across on a Yahoo search at the time. For any of those who do not know, Yahoo was the bomb in ’97.

I still pay about $20 a year to keep the ads off the old site. I log in the month before football season starts to update it. The other day the heading on the main menu of the site reminded me it’d been up for 944 weeks. 944 weeks! I can’t believe my little baby is that old.

Yes, I should go ahead and migrate it to a WordPress site. Yes, I should update it with fresh content more than once a year. Yes, I should change from a sub-domain to my own domain. Yes, yes, yes. But, I am not. I moved on from this site a long time ago.

That little sub-domain website pulled in $10,000 a year in affiliate earnings about 10 years ago and still gets about $1000 a year now. It’s all harvest strategy for me with this one nowadays.

Design Your Own Website

The point I’m trying to make is that if you are interested in investing in domain names or considering the domain business, start out by designing your own website. Learn about HTML and CSS. Find out everything you can about WordPress and other content management systems. See how Google can make or break you in the search results.

Domains are valuable real estate on their own, but websites, traffic and clicks are how you unlock the dollars – and cents – in this business. 🙂

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