Who is Cooter Brown and Why Is He So Drunk?

Mr. Cooter Brown was spotted on Bourbon Street in New Orleans yesterday. He was drunk again.

Cooter BrownThe most famous drunk in US history always seems to come out and play during the Summer months. And, he loves to be the center of attention. His preferred watering holes continue to be the old time NOLA favorites – Pat O’s, AT2’s, Fat Harry’s, the Tropical Isle and just about anywhere in town that he can get a Big Ass Beer.

The Legend of Cooter Brown

Rumor has it that Cooter Brown lived on the Mason Dixon Line that separated Virginia (now West Virginia) and Pennsylvania. At the onset of the Civil War, he was torn between the Union and Confederate causes and didn’t know which side to join. The decision proved to be a difficult one and ol’ Cooter could never bring himself to make it. Instead, he fell into a barrel of whiskey and never climbed out. And now you know the reason why everyone says they were “as drunk as Cooter Brown.”

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