City State Geo Domain Names

I’ve always been drawn to Geo domain names, especially City State geo domain names. I think that every city in the US should own their exact match .com in this niche.

City EMD domain names are easily remembered, easily recognized and display trust in the search results – something all local cities and local businesses spend billions trying to convey to the public.

Whether the domain is used for official city business, visitor’s guides, main street associations or the chambers of commerce – it doesn’t matter – it’s the perfect name for your town. It is the name of your town!

Just think how much our hometowns spend on marketing and advertising. Buying the matching City State .com domain would be a small investment that would pay huge dividends.

The exact match City State .com is the perfect identity domain for every city. City State EMDs should be the virtual counterpart and compliment to the actual brick and mortar city streets, businesses, homes, schools, people and more.

I also believe City State .com’s are smart investments for local businesses. Local businesses are anchors to their respective communities and developing a City State .com is beneficial for both the business and the town.

Advantages of Using Exact Match City State Geo Domain Names

Whether it’s official city business or a local business, there are many benefits when using exact match City State .com domain names for your website.

  • When you use an exact match City State .com domain name for your website, it offers instant credibility to potential visitors and customers.
  • City State geo domain names are easy to remember, immediately recognized by visitors and portray a high level of trust in search rankings.
  • City State domain names offer local government agencies and local businesses the most effective names to rank highly in search engines. Meaning – #1 on Google.

Who needs an exact match City domain name?

City State EMDs are the perfect name for a local government website.

They can be used for the official city information and business website, city administration, chamber of commerce, visitor’s guides, and tourist information sites.

A pure GEO exact match domain name should be the one and only, catch-all description of your brand – your hometown.

Pure geo exact match City State .com domain names are perfect for local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Exact match City domain names are in demand by local newspapers, area guides, Internet service providers, web design and tech companies, real estate agents and agencies, hotels, bed and breakfast inns, travel agents, universities and community colleges, tour companies and many more local firms.

How to Buy City State .com Domain Names

There are many ways to buy City State domains. You will see thousands of exact match City State geo domain names listed for sale on Go Daddy – with new ones added every day.

Go Daddy is the by far the easiest way to get the domain you want. Just go to and type your City State in the search bar and you’ll get a price and the details instantly if it’s available.

The prices for exact match City State .com domain names have dropped considerably in the last few years. Now is the time to buy City State geo domain names – the prices will never be lower.

Your Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to buying the exact match City State .com domain name for your town. .gov’s for governmental information. This is different from city business. I also question using .net, .org, and .us. These are good extensions, but you will most likely lose traffic to the .com.

.com is what people know. .com is community, .com is commercial, .com is commerce, .com is company, .com is KING.

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