Buying Domain Names February 2017

This is an ongoing project I like to do every month with my domain purchases. I am documenting all the what, where, when, why and how I am buying domain names during February 2017. This post will be a continual work in process each month moving forward.

I am always searching for domain names at the various resellers, auctions and registrars. I rarely go a month without buying a domain. It’s an addiction, believe me. Hopefully, I can learn from my past mistakes, quit buying useless junk and buy more valuable, meaningful domain names. And, just maybe, help others avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

My favorite places to hunt for good domain buys include Go Daddy Auctions, SnapNames, NameJet and the daily drops. I’ve made a conscious effort to stop hand registering domains, though, and I think I’ve almost kicked the habit. I’ve gone from 20 or so per month to 2-3 per month, so that’s not too bad.

I read somewhere – and I hope to find the quote so I can attribute it to the source – that when you feel the need to hand reg a domain, don’t do it, log in to your account and add another year of renewal to one of your better domains. That’s some of the best advice I’ve read about domains.

I focus on buying exact match, aged .com keyword domain names that have meaning. I want to own domain names that I can build a business on. Empires have been built on one and two word brandable domain names. I love short one and two word brandable .com domains.

How I’m Buying Domain Names in February 2017

  • – I purchased Bankscape from a Snapnames auction in early February. Bankscape is a portmanteau on Banking Landscape and a killer brandable .com domain name. It has been owned continuously since 1996 and just dropped this month for some reason. Oh, and just sold for $10,000 last month.
  • – The Lamp Harp is the frame that bends around the light bulb in a lamp and is used to support the lamp shade. I bought from Snapnames with no bids in early February. It looks like it was first registered in 2006.
  • – Pachadi is a traditional dish hailing from Southern India. There are hundreds of kinds of Pachadi made with different ingredients – beetroot, cucumbers, bananas, papayas, mangoes, potato, tomato, you name it the list goes on forever. There are literally thousands of Pachadi recipes online and YouTube videos about making Pachadi, too. Pachadi would be a killer name for an Indian restaurant. It has hosting history that goes back before 2000 and expired in November 2016. was a hand registration.
  • – Everyone knows I love soap domain names. I bought in a Go Daddy closeout auction. It looks like it was a small handmade soap company in Michigan. When I learned that Go Daddy was picking up Fast Domain’s expired domain names, I watched this for about a month before it came up for auction. We Love Soap is a terrific marketing hook for a soap company. Looks like it was first registered in 2006.

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