Build Your Own Website

It’s not that hard to build your own website and web presence.

I spend a lot of time traveling between my home on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and NOLA, Hattiesburg and Mobile. It’s the Bermuda Triangle of domain names and websites, believe me.

I have a habit of looking at all the domain names around me wherever I go. You know, the ones on billboards, in local magazine and TV ads, restaurants, local business names. It gets on my wife’s nerves. I enjoy it, though. I learn from it. It’s good exercise for my brain.

Like when I was in the beer business and driving throughout the day, I would count all the cans and bottles and 12 packs and suitcases strewn along the highways and backroads and tally the score in my head to see who was winning that day.

I would keep up with it all day long – I drove 2-3 hours most days through the week – and the beer scores would be literally in the hundreds by the end of the day. To me, this was great data – a way for me to keep score.

Whether its data from beer drinkers or data from local billboards it’s all the same for me. I start filtering this odd blend of personally curated data in my head and it helps me think about different ways to do business. It gets the brain storming and entrepreneurial juices flowing.

Don’t Give Your Content To Facebook For Free

I like to ask questions when visiting businesses. Like, why do you spend all this time updating your Facebook page instead of a website? Why is your website plastered with outdated information from 2 years ago and you have all this great fresh content on your Facebook?

Why give your content away for free? Is it just not that important to you? Are you confused about what to do? I mean if you can make a Facebook, you can build your own website. It’s not that hard.

I think a website is the absolute cheapest advertising around. And, you own it. It’s all yours. It doesn’t belong to Facebook or Twitter. It belongs to you.

It reminds me of these guys that write these long-winded posts on forums with all this great information. Guess what. You may look smart to everyone on the board, but you are mainly benefiting the guy that owns the forum the most. You are giving this content away for free.

Hey business owner! Spend thirty minutes a day writing original content on your website. You’ll be amazed. Your site will race up Google. You will get new customers and people will find you. It works and it’s cheap.

It’s called relevancy and it means so much more to me than SEO. Put fresh, relevant content on your website everyday. That’s all you have to do – that’s all you need to know about SEO!

Oh, yeah…and buy a good domain that says something about what you are or what business you’re in. Go with a short EMD or brandable .com if at all possible. Geo domains are also great ones to use for local businesses.

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