Best Domain Name Quotes

These are some of the best domain name quotes I’ve heard on the net. I enjoy coming back and reading these from time to time.

I suggest that anyone first starting out – before you even think about buying a domain – go to and read the articles in the feed. It’s easy, quick and you’ll find the most current trade news from the industry.

Also, join NamePros and read the posts. Go through the history, search for people that make a living selling domains and see what they have to say about the industry. I love to see and hear what people are saying about domains.

Following are some of my favorite quotes about domain names and technology, with a little bit of fun stuff thrown in to boot:

  • Probably the best known misquote from the Domain Name Industry:

    Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man. -Rick Schwartz*

    ***I’ve seen this attributed to Bill Gates thousands of times. If Mr. Gates truly said and believed this he could have cornered the domain market many times over. Sorry, but this immortal nugget belongs to the Domain King™.

  • The pilot of Halt and Catch Fire is one of my favorites:

    Computers aren’t the thing. They’re the thing that gets us to the thing. -Joe MacMillan

  • The Domain King™ is money all day long:

    Nothing happens until a sale is made. -Rick Schwartz

    Is a domain a commodity? An investment? A safe haven? Real estate? Yes and much more. It is the most portable asset the world has ever known. But bigger than all that is that a great domain name is an equalizer. -Rick Schwartz

  • Expert exchange on NamePros:

    It helps if the domains in your portfolio have unique qualities and cannot easily be substituted for another domain name…One-word domains in a primary extension that name a key product or concept – there really is no substitute for these. -Nat Cohen

  • HLDR:

    Want to be successful in the domain business? Don’t piss your money away. -Michael Berkens

  • I think this is a Berkens quote too, I need to go back and find it:
    Instead of going out and hand registering new domains every day, why not add more years to the better domains you already own? -Mike Berkens
  • From Domain Sherpa:

    The best keyword domain names are in verticals where the consumer is not aware of a particular brand, and so they go and they search for the exact match product, not the brand. -Andrew Rosener, Media Options

    That’s exactly right. -Frank Schilling

    ***That was the best observation and comment about the domains I try to buy that I’ve heard so far – a perfect description.

  • …And more from Domain Sherpa:

    So, the moment you have to start explaining it to your buyer, then it’s already established that’s not going to be your buyer….the guy that shows up at your doorstep, he either gets it or he doesn’t. There’s no reason to explain and every time you engage in that you are devaluing your name. So, the matter of once you start explaining you lose is absolutely correct, but the caveat is it depends on who you’re explaining it to. -Andrew Rosener, Media Options

  • Email security is one of the key selling points of premium domain name sales.-Andrew Rosener, Media Options
  • Discussion about Outbound Emails on NamePros:
    If they have a bad domain, then they don’t need another domain that is slightly less bad. If they have a bad domain, and you have a good name then your domain name will speak for itself. They either get it or they don’t. -Kate from NamePros
  • Read on Seven Mile:

    The Internet begins and ends with the domain name. Buy yourself a good one and you own a greater chunk of the Internet than if you buy 10,000 bad ones. That’s why generic names are expensive. -Frank Schilling

  • Closing the sale from Halt and Catch Fire:

    Gordon, I need you to do me one favor. -Joe
    Okay. -Gordon
    Next time I move to close, this is what you do. -Joe
    Okay, what? -Gordon

    You…SHUT! UP!

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