WURDD is a web log about investing in and developing domain names. I started WURDD as a journal to help me remember my ideas and things I do during the week.

WURDD is not only for me – it’s also for domainers. I’ve been doing this all on my own for a while. Maybe I can give back a little to those who have given me so much.

Investing in .COM Domain Names

You will find that WURDD is devoted to investing in .com domain names – mainly generic EMD .com domains, various niche .com domain names and investment grade .com domain names.

When viewing, I hope to help you understand a little more about how business, finance, marketing and economics relate to domain names and websites.

Different Uses of Domains in Mississippi and NOLA

I often post about the interesting uses of domains in my neck of the woods – Mississippi and New Orleans. I love New Orleans and Louisiana inspired domains. I love to see what types of domain names are used in the Delta, on the Coast and in NOLA.

The Long Tail

The Long Tail will drive more wealth than any natural resource or discovery in our history. Humans buy stuff. The Long Tail is how you find stuff. Amazon gets it, Google gets it, Apple gets it, Netflix kind of gets it if they could just get a decent search engine – Instantwatcher takes care of that, though. I talk about the Long Tail often in my posts.

My Monthly Domain Purchases

One of my favorite topics is disclosing the domain names that I buy each month and where, when and how I buy them. I even serve up some great branding ideas for online businesses that I dream up every now and then.

My Niches

The different niches that can be found when investing in domain names abound. I discuss some of my favorites like generics, brandables, Mississippi/Cajun/Creole/NOLA words and Geos.

Tools and Resources I Use

In time you’ll discover a wealth of tools and resources to help make informed decisions when buying domains. You will not become an expert in this business quickly no matter what you do and God knows I’m not one either. It takes a lot of time to learn and listen, hard work to understand and the business can change on you in an instant.

About WURDD.com

There is nothing special about the domain name WURDD.com, I use it because it’s short and sweet. There was no way to get Word.com or Wurd.com, so I settled for something catchy – and WURDD.com fit the bill.

WURDD.com is not an EMD, nor does it pass the radio test. It’s barely even a brandable. It was hand registered by me in 2015 and has absolutely no investment value whatsoever, just a fun and easy to remember domain name. I like it, that’s why I use it.