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Isanti County Minnesota

Isanti County Minnesota is just north of the Twin Cities and is situated in one of the fastest growing regions in Minnesota. Isanti County lies within the 16-county Minneapolis-Saint Paul Metropolitan Statistical Area – the 14th largest in the nation at just under 4,000,000 folks.

Isanti County MinnesotaThe Isanti name comes from the Isanti or Santee Indians, a Dakota branch of the Eastern Sioux that lived along this stretch of the Rum River and Knife Lake back in the day. Isanti is, not only, the original name of the tribe, but it is also the Dakota word for knife or knife makers.

Isanti County was established in 1857 when it was carved out of Ramsey County – home of present day St. Paul, Minnesota. It has a total area of 452 square miles and, of that, about 20 square miles is water. Currently, there are just under 40,000 people that make Isanti County home.

Cambridge, the county seat, has around 10,000 residents and the second largest city – Isanti – has a population of about 6,000. At the current growth rates, Isanti County is expected to be home to over 75,000 people by 2035.

Isanti County is mostly a bedroom community – over half the workforce is employed around the Twin Cities and commute there during the week. Minnesota State Highway 65 is the main artery into the Twin Cities – running south from Kanabec County through the heart of Isanti County and straight into to downtown Minneapolis. Minnesota State Highway 95 bisects Isanti County – connecting Cambridge and St. Cloud to the west and Interstate 35 to the east.

Northern Lights Expressway Isanti County

Isanti County and the Northern Lights Express Rail Service

One of the most exciting developments affecting the future of Isanti County is the Northern Lights Express, a proposed high speed passenger rail service connecting Minneapolis and Duluth. NLX plans to be offering 7 days a week service by 2020.

With a station in Cambridge, the NLX will offer Isanti Co. residents a safe, reliable and fast travel alternative to points between the Twin Cities and Twin Ports. Park at the station in Cambridge and take the train to work in the city – a huge perk for residents of Isanti County that commute to the Twin Cities daily!

The current NLX proposal is for four round trips per day at 90 miles per hour, making the one-way trek from Minneapolis to Duluth in two and a half hours. Commuter stations will be constructed at Target Field, Coon Rapids, Cambridge, Hinckley, Superior and Duluth Union Station.

Isanti County Real Estate

Isanti County’s population has increased by nearly 50% in the last decade. Residents are moving here to take advantage of the buyer’s market and wide open spaces, when compared to the more expensive real estate and no elbow room in the Twin Cities. Home prices have been on the rise lately, but are still less than the Minneapolis-St Paul Metro area.

Isanti is a Unique, Geographic Name

Isanti is a beautiful, descriptive noun of Native American origins – it’s a place as well as a thing. Isanti is the tribal name of a branch of Dakota Sioux and is the Dakota word for knife. In 1857 when Minnesota was still a territory of the United States, the Native American word Isanti was used as a county name and a few years later when Minnesota became a state, Isanti was used as the namesake of a township and city. If you have any questions about Isanti.com, feel free to contact Wurdd.