Where is the Home of the Blues?

Historians have argued for years about where Blues music started out – the so-called Home of the Blues. I doubt we’ll ever know the definitive Holy Grail “X marks the spot” location for the Home of the Blues. There are, however, plenty of places that claim the Home of the Blues title as their own.

Is Chicago the Home of the Blues? Could be. Chicago is definitely not the Birthplace of the Blues, but the city embraced the sound, took it under its wing and made Blues music its own. Maybe Chicago should be known as the city that gave the world the Blues.

What about Memphis? Memphis and Beale Street have both been called the Home of the Blues. Legends WC Handy, Muddy Waters and BB King are synonymous with Memphis Blues. Memphis calls itself the Blues City and is, without a doubt, the Birthplace of Rock and Roll – which we all know came straight from the Blues.

Texas and Louisiana both have a rich Blues history. And, for that matter, so does every state in the Deep South. Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee all have a large ownership stake in the Blues.

Home of the Blues

My Money is on Mississippi for the Home of the Blues

The true Home of the Blues, though? Mississippi. And, to be a little more specific – the Mississippi Delta. Yes, the Mississippi Delta is the Home of the Blues. Clarksdale, Cleveland, Dockery, Indianola, Greenville, Parchman, Ruleville, Itta Bena, Greenwood, Yazoo, Hopson, Tunica, Rosedale. These are the Home of the Blues. Go there, look around, take it all in – you’ll quickly understand. Then again, maybe you won’t.

In reality, there will never be a Mississippi Blues Trail plaque marking the actual spot of the Home of the Blues – no one really knows. The Home of the Blues in real life? Hell, it could be anywhere really. And, that is why so many places lay claim to being the Home of the Blues.

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