Soap Domains

One of my domain name niches includes names that have soap as a prefix or suffix. I like soap domains. Maybe it’s because my wife loves soap. Maybe I like soap, too. The soap business is actually pretty cool.

NOLA is about 45 minutes away from our home on the Gulf Coast, so we go a few times a month. We visit Lush, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and French soap shops in the Quarter and Uptown to see their different soaps.

We also visit the local markets where the handcrafters ply their wares. Lots of people are making craft soap these days. It’s kind of a big deal around here. Know what goes on your skin and where it comes from.

I honestly never knew soap was as big a deal as it is. It’s just soap, you know. Just like beer, right? Why do we need more than one brand or style? One gets you clean, the other gets you drunk. I was wrong on both!

Soap Domain Names

I’ve been buying a few Soap domain names the last few months and wanted to share some of my purchases. These are mainly for starting a local business if we ever go that route.

I feel that selling handcrafted natural vegan or organic soap could be a very lucrative venture with a combination of the right name, product, branding and marketing. Just think for a moment – you use it everyday, you need to get away from harmful chemicals, you want to buy local, and you want to know where your stuff is made and what’s in it.

Soap is relatively inexpensive. It’s not heavy – like a case of beer. Rolling beer will kill you. Soap margins are awesome. Soap smells good. Craft soap is here to stay. Local soap is coming to your town.

My Soap Domains

I bought in November last year. I thought Gregg gave me a really good deal on the name. It’s one of those domains you can put five figures on and forget about.

I believe it’s a category killer brandable that I can build a business around when I get ready to start it up – and I’m not talking about those funny heads made of soap – I’m talking an actual brick and mortar shop with handcrafted vegan soap. I also have

Some of my recent buys also include:

I also picked up the EMD as a hand reg in January. You’ve heard of bath bombs, I know. Well, shower bombs are hockey puck shaped fizzies that are dropped in the shower. Once water activated, they release soothing vapors with effervescent aromas.

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