Exact Match Domain Name

Whenever I go shopping with my wife, she goes straight to the soap. It doesn’t matter what kind of store – if they have a soap section – that’s where she goes. She just loves soap. Which means I have to love soap, too. As a good husband, I have no choice in this matter. Anyway, the other day on one of our excursions I discovered shower bombs – and they are awesome.

Shower BombsWe’ve all seen bath bombs, now we have shower bombs! Shower Bombs are these cool discs you place in the shower with you that give off a fizzy effervescence. Shower bombs are all natural, made from essential oils and give off the most delightful fragrances that completely envelop you with a soothing aromatherapy, helping to fight migraines, allergies and congestion.

Shower bombs come in a myriad of fragrances, but the most popular seem to be organic menthol, eucalyptus, lemon and lavender. These scents are known to help with sinuses and treat congestion and headaches. You can steam all your troubles away with a shower bomb! is a Brandable, Exact Match Domain Name is an exact match, brandable, generic domain name and is the perfect name to market a line of shower bombs. For more information about the domain name, feel free to contact WURDD.

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