Recent Domain Name Investments

One of the features of WURDD is that I’m going to share my most recent domain name investments as we go through the year. Now, mind you, these aren’t high dollar purchases by any means. These are auction, closeout, hand registered and pre-release names.

Today, I want to disclose some of my buys from December 2016 and January 2017. I felt like there were some very good brandable and two word .coms to be had for under $20.

EMDs are bad? Don’t buy them, you say? Okay. Why don’t you let me take them off your hands. I love EMDs.

I also look for aged domains, especially domain names from the ’90s. I’ve read all the pros and cons about aged domains, but I love them – I actually prefer them over hand regs.

These are all from the drops and auctions. Maybe a hand reg or two, but I don’t hand register domains that often anymore unless the name is in one of my niches.

How I Invest in Domain Names

  • Search for good buys on Go Daddy Auctions, NameJet, DropCatch and SnapNames
  • is a wonderful tool
  • Remember you will have renewals next year – so don’t go crazy
  • Let stuff you don’t need go
  • Buy names you know and know what you buy
  • You haven’t done anything until you make a sale or get traffic – if the name is just sitting, it’s not doing anyone any good
  • Conduct background research on the names before you buy them
  • EMD, age, .com, short, has meaning, brandability = GOOD NAME

December 2016 Domain Purchases

  • – Amapas is a neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta, home of Playa de Los Muertes beach – The Beverly Hills of Mexico (I read that somewhere, I promise) – Registered in 2002
  • – I was thinking New Orleans sno balls here and the age – Big Sno could be the Sno ball king – 1999
  • – Lamp Base is a generic product domain, also a great name for lamp showroom or shop – 1997
  • – Ship and Go is an upgrade name for a retail shipping center – 2004

January 2017 Domain Purchases

  • – Did you know there is an Antebellum Trail in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi – should I go on? – 1997
  • – Keg and Cask is an upgrade name for a tavern or pub – 2005
  • – This was actually a hand reg – Maque Choux is a Louisiana Cajun/Creole dish of corn, peppers, tomatoes, onions, awesome – I think it’s a great name for a restaurant – 2017
  • – Another hand reg – You throw Shower Bombs in the shower and they fizz with a delightful aromatherapy – 2017

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