One of a Kind Domain

I purchased the domain name from a Snapnames auction in early February. Bankscape is a portmanteau on banking landscape and a one of a kind brandable domain. In fact, it is an absolute category killer brand name for any type of banking and financial related entity.

Bankscape domain had been owned continuously since 1996 and just dropped in February for some unknown reason. It was registered at Name Find Source LLC registrar and picked up for auction by Snapnames through their relationship with Network Solutions – because NetSol owns Name Find Source LLC.

The name Bankscape fits the banking industry perfectly. I can see the domain used as the name for any type of banking and financial institution, debit or credit card, banking tool site with rate calculators, banking magazine, financial industry trade associations and organizations, banking database and software companies, and much more.

Bankscape is a Brandable Domain Name had been in the Convergence, Inc. portfolio and was first registered by “Sex Toy” Dave Levine back in 1996. It looks like they allowed a few names in their domain portfolio to expire this year. is a highly brandable domain name and is registered at Godaddy since 2017. To find out more information about the rare domain name, please contact WURDD.

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