New Orleans Inspired Domain Names

New Orleans inspired domain names are one of my favorite domain niches. Creole and Cajun words and phrases are used in abundance down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You might as well call us an extension of Louisiana.

It’s hard to believe that NOLA and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have come as far along as they have since Katrina. To say this area was devastated is an understatement for sure.

First the infrastructure had to be rebuilt and then the people had to start moving back. That took a full decade. What I see now are vibrant neighborhoods springing back to life. The French Quarter is booming. Uptown is booming. Marigny and the Warehouse District are booming. The CBD is a beehive of activity.

Since New Orleans is a city that revolves around food, new restaurants are opening up about as fast as they get the tourists in and out of Cafe du Monde. Speaking of Cafe du Monde, I wish I had some beignets right now.

New Orleans Inspired Domain Names

The most popular terms were registered many years ago, but every now and then I pick up some really good ones. I’ve also missed out on a few great domains – one being last year – that I got outbid on. Hindsight, I probably should have gone a little higher on that one.

The bulk of my New Orleans-styled domains are food related. I think these types of food domains make great investments because New Orleans is a treasure in itself – unique and unparalleled – when compared to other cities in the US.

I’m looking for domains that businesses can be built around., and are some domains that I’ve bought the last couple of years.

This month, I’ve picked up a few New Orleans inspired domain names through Go Daddy Auctions and hand regging. The domains are – a 20 year old name – that I hand registered, and, a name that was registered in 2004.

Chaurice Sausage

Frenchy’s Charice Sausage

Chaurice is a spicy hot Creole sausage made from fresh pork. It gets its name from the Spanish sausage, Chorizo. Very popular a century ago and now making a comeback, Chaurice is delicious in gumbo, red beans and rice, and hot off the grill with creole mustard.

With I’ll probably keep up with any recipes I come across and pictures of Chaurice sold in restaurants and stores around New Orleans. It’ll be more of a news and updates site keeping up with the fast-paced world of Chaurice sausage. 🙂

If you were wondering about Reveillons, during the month of December NOLA restaurants offer special, traditional Reveillon Dinners. Reveillons consist of 4,5,6, and even 7 course luxurious, celebratory meals at a great price.

Reveillons are featured in each of the most popular restaurants in the city, including Emeril’s, Commander’s Palace, Brennan’s and K-Paul’s. In all, there are over one hundred Reveillons taking place in the city during the holidays.

To develop, I am thinking of a website with lists of each of the Reveillon Dinners by restaurant along with the menus and all the courses might be the way to go. We’ll see, I guess I’ve got a little time to put this one together.

Another purchase I’ve made recently is Cochon de Lait is to South Louisiana as the Luau is to Hawaii. A Cochon de Lait is one big party thrown around the celebratory roasting of a whole pig. is a great exact match domain name for caterers and restaurants in the New Orleans vicinity!

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