My Domain Name Purchases in 2015

I like to give everyone an idea of what kind of domains I’m buying. So I’m going to give a little history lesson today, take a short walk down memory lane and disclose the domains and niches that I invested in during 2015.

To understand what I did in 2015, I am going to backtrack about five years and see what got me to this point.

Leading Up To the 3rd and 4th Quarter of 2015

From 2011 through mid-2015, I only bought domain names from my main niche. I know the niche. I can build sites around this niche. I get targeted traffic that converts in my niche. It’s profitable and worthwhile for me.

I would spend about $2,000 a year buying good, aged, exact match domain names. And, I used sound analysis when researching names. I didn’t speculate and buy a bunch of crap. No Pigeon Shit™ domains for me those years.

The Black Hole of 2010

The reason I was so diligent is because I had a terrible 2010 buying domains. I hand registered crap, I back ordered crap and I bought crap. I figure I lost about $10,000 that year on domains that I eventually let drop. It’s a sickening feeling even now.

I had no plan that year. If I saw a keyword I bought it. You’ve heard of irrational exuberance? It was my disease that year. I bought stuff that you couldn’t make money with if you added thousands of pages of content.

I remember one of the domains I bought was, damnit! With a $59 backorder and I built a site on it, LOL! A plunger the size of the Empire State Building wouldn’t help flush all the crap I bought.

I got two valuable lessons that year, though. I found out exactly what Pigeon Shit™ was and I learned all about renewals. These were expensive lessons that I thought I completely understood and would never forget.

Early 2015

My domain name purchases in 2015 started off nicely. First thing first, though. I sold a domain that I got on the drop in 2009 for $5,000 in February – which helped. Then, over the next few months I picked up a few expired EMDs and brandables that I still hold:

  • – Direct Stock Purchase Plans help investors purchase stock directly through a company – It’s long, but it’s a solid EMD and it gets a terrific CPC – More than pays its renewal each month.
  • – Oxford Cloth is a type of woven cloth used to make dress shirts – I call it an EMD that is a killer brandable – especially for a clothing store or clothing brand name.
  • – Condiment most often served with shrimp in NOLA – If you’ve had Cane’s sauce or Zaxby’s sauce – then you’ve had Remoulade Sauce.

So, through the early part of 2015, I feel I made some decent purchases. Things were running along smoothly. Then came August, 2015. Everything I was reading told me to act. My gut instinct told me to buy now! But, I was already too late. This ship had sailed years before and I totally missed it.

The Great Chinese Domain Craze of 2015

Yes, I fell for the Great Chinese Domain Craze of late 2015. I fell pretty hard for it. I hand registered about 30 domains that look like, and I reg’d another 30 short hyphen domains like and c– I even grabbed some .cc’s.

Then my senses came to me. I quit abruptly during the Great .ws Debate. I’d figured out what was happening by then.

Thankfully I didn’t get swept up in the later stages of the and buyouts. Or, the,,, even the waves of destruction. Boy, I thought about jumping in, though.

In all, I invested about $5,000 on the Great Chinese Domain Craze of 2015, but I really only lost about $1,000 of it. The loss was from about 100 hand regs that I eventually dropped.

The remaining $4,000 of my purchases during the Great Chinese Domain Craze of 2015 went to two LLLL.coms, a great – that I’m in the process of building out – and probably the best out there – it’s one that I will hold for a long time.

Lessons Learned From 2015

I hate that I got sucked up in the whirlwind of it all, but I actually enjoyed it at the time. Kind of like what you get when playing the lottery. You know, the release of all those feel good endorphins. It’s nice to think you might get a windfall of cash and it gives you something to look forward to – even if it’s only a pipe dream.

Once you look past all the junk domains that were registered and sold and dropped, we may even look back on 2015 as a great buying opportunity, if not, then a great learning experience.

Think of all the new buyers and sellers that came into the business, the tools developed for research that keep rolling out, and – maybe, just maybe – we got the chance to buy a domain that was never intended to be sold – a gem that could have been locked forever in a portfolio, forgotten about and never offered for sale.

Even more intriguing, a virtual doorway into the vast world of commerce in China and India has been cracked open for us to explore. We could be standing on the precipice of immortality my friends.

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