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Reveillons are prix fixe dinners offered by the finest restaurants in New Orleans during the holiday months of November and December. Reveillons are presented table d’hôte style where patrons are offered a multitude of courses from different menus for a fixed price – some very reasonable, some outlandishly expensive.

ReveillonsIn French, the word Reveillon means awakening. Creoles celebrated the beginning of Christmas with big family dinners after Midnight Mass – very early in the morning. They brought this tradition from Europe to Louisiana as a way of breaking up all the fasting leading to Christmas Eve.

Today over one hundred restaurants in New Orleans provide Reveillons with full course menus inspired by the Creole families who started the tradition hundreds of years ago. The Reveillons nowadays are held throughout the day and into the evening, so you won’t have to stay up all hours of the night to enjoy! 🙂

Reveillons is an Aged, Exact Match Domain Name

Reveillons is an absolute perfect brand name for a restaurant specializing in Creole and Cajun food. Reveillons.com is an aged, exact match domain registered from 1997 at Go Daddy. To find out more information about how to acquire the domain Reveillons.com, please contact WURDD.

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