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Chaurice is a hot and spicy Creole sausage made from fresh pork, onions and spices. As you might have guessed, the name is derived from a very close relative, the Spanish sausage Chorizo. If you live in Louisiana, you learn your sausage ABC’s – Andouille, Boudin and Chaurice – very early in life.

Chaurice SausageVery popular in New Orleans a century ago and now coming back strong, Chaurice is delicious in jambalaya, gumbo, red beans and rice, and hot off the grill slathered in creole mustard. Seems like we always come back to the good stuff made in the old days – our forefathers and mothers certainly knew what they were doing!

Sold in specialty stores and meat markets all over Southern Louisiana, two of the largest suppliers of Chaurice sausage in Louisiana and Texas are Frenchy’s and Poche’s. Restaurants in New Orleans serve it alongside old-time Louisiana culinary favorites including Andouille, Boudin, Creole Hot Sausage, Creole Pickled Pork and Tasso Ham. is a Brandable, Exact Match Domain Name is an exact match, completely brandable, generic domain name. The name can easily be used for a multitude of brand names and marketing programs. To get more information about how to acquire the domain name, please contact WURDD here.

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