Lake Stop Brewing Company

The Lake Stop Brewing Company was founded in Muskegon, Michigan in 1847. Hanoverian Master Brewers R. Oosterbaan and J. Van Buskirk were recent arrivals in Michigan, having made the arduous transatlantic journey to New York City the year before in a Clipper ship. The two men taking turns every half hour dipping frigid Atlantic Ocean […]
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Plaquemines Fruit and Oil Corporation

The origins of the Plaquemines Fruit and Oil Corporation stretch all the way back to the Spring of 1682. It was established by René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle at the mouth of the Mississippi in la Basse-Louisiane. It was here that La Salle and Company first saw the native Persimmon trees that grew in […]
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Maui Palms Tree Service

Maui is known throughout the world for the exquisite beauty of the island’s palm trees. Maui Palms Tree Service is well qualified to take care of your palm trees no matter what the situation calls for – if you have a palm tree problem, contact us today. On an island like Maui, where palm trees […]
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How to Buy the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Buying the perfect domain name for your business or service can be a formidable task. If you’ve searched at GoDaddy, or any other domain name registrar, you’ve likely noticed that the domains you are looking for have already been registered. Don’t give up hope because the name you want is gone! And don’t go registering […]
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You know I’ve been saying how much I loved New Orleans, Creole and Cajun inspired domain names? Well, I’ve been watching a great domain for about a month and can finally say I bought it. Today I’m the proud owner of 🙂 Cochon de Lait, translated from French, means pig in milk. In Cajun […]
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New Orleans Inspired Domain Names

New Orleans inspired domain names are one of my favorite domain niches. Creole and Cajun words and phrases are used in abundance down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. You might as well call us an extension of Louisiana. It’s hard to believe that NOLA and the Mississippi Gulf Coast have come as far along […]
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