Buying Domain Names in March 2017

This is an ongoing project I enjoy doing each month when I purchase domains. I am documenting all the domains and my reasoning for buying them during 2017. This post will be a continual work in process moving forward. This month I am posting about buying domain names in March 2017.

So far this month, I’ve bought the most domains from Go Daddy Auctions. I’ve found a few closeout domains that I really like. And, I’ve made a couple hand regs this month. It looks like I’ll make about 8 purchases total.

Right now I’m looking for aged brandable domains preferably exact match domain names with a local flavor. I’m looking hard for Louisiana inspired domain names especially the food related ones and legal form domains. If you see or have any, send them my way!

Buying Domain Names March 2017

  • – Chaurice is spicy Creole sausage made from fresh pork. Chaurice is the Louisiana cousin of Chorizo. Chaurice is served in gumbo, red beans and rice, and hot off the grill with creole mustard. Frenchy’s and Poche’s are two well-known suppliers of Chaurice sausage in Louisiana and Texas. I hand registered in March 2017.
  • – Think Hawaiian Luau meets South Louisiana and there you have it – a celebration featuring the roasting of a whole pig. In Cajun cuisine, Cochon de Lait is the slow roasting of a whole hog over an open flame and the party that goes along with it. is a generic exact match, brandable domain name registered in 2004.
  • – I couldn’t resist I love reggae music, so it caught my eye. The singular is a million dollar domain name, and the plural has value, too. I can easily see Reggae’s as the name for a live music venue on Bourbon Street, Vegas or the Caribbean – a great name for a huge dance club. An even better idea, a casino needs to build a restaurant on the beach down here in Mississippi. Sell tacos, seafood, and cold beer – play some old rocksteady 24/7 – and call it Reggae’s. I’ve got the perfect name for them. is a killer brandable domain, registered from 2004.
  • – Reveillons are holiday prix fixe dinners offered in Louisiana during the month of December. The meals are offered table d’hôte style where guests are offered different choices from multiple courses. Here, again as above, the singular has more value, however the plural works well, too. Reveillons would be a terrific name for a restaurant in Lousiana, and it’s fun to say. is an aged exact match domain, registered from 1997.

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