Big Sno New Orleans Style Snoballs

Snoballs are made with ice shaved so fine that it has the consistency of snow with flavored cane sugar syrup drenched on top. New Orleans style snoballs are the best frozen treat on the planet, and the best snoballs in New Orleans can only be found at Big Sno Snoballs!

Big Sno SnoballsA snoball is not a snow cone. Snow cones are not in the same league as snoballs, in fact snow cones aren’t even in the same galaxy as snoballs! Snoballs are light and fluffy and the syrup is evenly distributed throughout. A snow cone on the other hand is just an icy drink – the syrup runs to the bottom so you end up with plain ice up top and syrup down low.

Don’t fall for the same old snow cone trap. Come to Big Sno Snoballs and get the biggest and the best snoball you’ve ever had – or the next one is on us! Choose from all your favorite flavors including the world’s famous Tigah’s Blood, Mike’s Purple People Eater, Who Dat Punchy and The Green Wave.

Big Sno New Orleans Style Snoballs

Now that I’ve gotten you in the mood for a New Orleans style snoball, I’m sorry to have to break the news that Big Sno is still in the planning stages. We haven’t gotten around to opening it up yet. However, it’s a ready made brand if there are any budding entrepreneurs out there that want to make a go of it. is an aged, terrific brandable domain name born in 1999 and primed for the acquisition. To find out more information about the domain name, please contact WURDD.

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