Lake Stop Brewing Company

The Lake Stop Brewing Company was founded in Muskegon, Michigan in 1847.

Lake Stop Brewing CompanyHanoverian Master Brewers R. Oosterbaan and J. Van Buskirk were recent arrivals in Michigan, having made the arduous transatlantic journey to New York City the year before in a Clipper ship. The two men taking turns every half hour dipping frigid Atlantic Ocean water to keep cold the original slurry of pure Lager yeast.

Once in the United States, the two brewers set about in earnest researching the best location for their new venture. Abundant fresh water was an absolute requirement, as was a natural underground cave system to be used for lagering cellars.

The decision was made on the Great Lakes region because of the large number of German immigrants heading to Michigan for work in the lumber trade – the two men knowing full well the copious amounts of ale lumberjacks need to survive!

Oosterbaan and Van Buskirk found the perfect location in what is now the Pere Marquette Park in Muskegon and the brewery prospered immediately from the burgeoning lumber and shipping businesses at the terminus of the Muskegon River at Lake Michigan.

The Original Great Lakes Lager Beer

Lake Stop established the Kölsch style and was one of the pioneers of Lager brewing in America. Lake Stop Lager was shipped throughout the Great Lakes region by 1850 and, as you can imagine, had a profound influence on the likes of Bernhard Stroh, Joseph Schlitz and many others.

Lake Stop Brewing Company had its best year in 1859, selling nearly 38,000 barrels of Lager, Kölsch and Altbier to the thirsty citizens of the newly formed Muskegon County.

However, the good times would not last forever. Change was coming to our country and Lake Stop Brewing Company would not be immune.

By 1863 Lake Stop Brewing Company ceased to exist, the bulk of the company’s skilled workforce marching to Gettysburg with Brigadier General Custer and the Michigan Brigade Wolverines. Also lost to history were founders Oosterbaan and Van Buskirk, whose last known whereabouts are unknown.

Lake Stop Lager is Back!

After a nearly 155 year hiatus, the historic beers of Lake Stop Brewing Company are being brought back to life. The recipes of Lake Stop Lager, Lake Stop Kölsch and Lake Stop Altbier were recently discovered in an underground vault at the old Continental Motors site.

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Plaquemines Fruit and Oil Corporation

The origins of the Plaquemines Fruit and Oil Corporation stretch all the way back to the Spring of 1682. It was established by René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de la Salle at the mouth of the Mississippi in la Basse-Louisiane.

Plaquemines Fruit and Oil CorporationIt was here that La Salle and Company first saw the native Persimmon trees that grew in abundance alongside the lower Mississippi River. Called Piakamin by the Eastern Atakapa tribes that lived in the coastal marshes, the Persimmon tree was highly prized by the natives as a source of fruit and wood.

La Salle, being the resourceful entrepreneur of the times that he was, planted row after row of Persimmon saplings on a small bluff about forty miles upstream from the mouth of the Mississippi River. He named the site Piakamin in honor of the Native American tribe and the tree that bears it’s name.

As control of La Louisiane shifted to the Spanish in 1763, Fort San Felipe was constructed on the site of LaSalle’s Persimmon orchard. Fort San Felipe was a very rudimentary structure when compared to other Spanish forts of the period, but the fort served it’s purpose as an impediment to entry into the small port of Nueva Orleans, another forty miles north.

By 1800, the French had reacquired Louisiana and renamed Fort San Felipe to Fort St. Philip. The French made the decision to improve and expand the size of the fort due to the burgeoning importance of La Nouvelle-Orléans, now a strategic port and commercial center on the Gulf of Mexico.

From Piakamin to Plaquemines

As the Native American’s succumbed to disease and dispersion, the area around Fort San Felipe, and later Fort St. Philip, began to be populated by mostly French Creoles coming up from the Caribbean and a few Acadians – who had recently migrated from Canada. This is around the time that Piakamin metamorphosed into the Creole word Plaquemines.

Remember the orchard of Persimmon trees that LaSalle planted? Well the descendants of those first saplings are still here in Plaquemines Parish of South Louisiana and formed the humble beginnings of the Plaquemines Fruit and Oil Corporation.

Plaquemines Persimmon Pudding and Plaquemines Persimmon Jelly has been handcrafted for over three hundred years in la Basse-Louisiane. In 1887, we added on to our small farm with the cultivation of Creole tomatoes, satsumas and oranges. And, in 1978 we discovered oil on our land – so we’ve got that going for us too! 🙂

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Who is Cooter Brown and Why Is He So Drunk?

Mr. Cooter Brown was spotted on Bourbon Street in New Orleans yesterday. He was drunk again.

Cooter BrownThe most famous drunk in US history always seems to come out and play during the Summer months. And, he loves to be the center of attention. His preferred watering holes continue to be the old time NOLA favorites – Pat O’s, AT2’s, Fat Harry’s, the Tropical Isle, Cooter Brown’s of course, and just about anywhere in town that he can get a Big Ass Beer.

The Legend of Cooter Brown

Rumor has it that Cooter Brown lived on the Mason Dixon Line that separated Virginia (now West Virginia) and Pennsylvania. At the onset of the Civil War, he was torn between the Union and Confederate causes and didn’t know which side to join. The decision proved to be a difficult one and ol’ Cooter could never bring himself to make it. Instead, he fell into a barrel of whiskey and never climbed out. And now you know the reason why everyone says they were “as drunk as Cooter Brown.”

Generic Exact Match Domain Name

Cooter Brown is a great American old school brand name and can be used for a variety of businesses especially in the entertainment industry. has been registered since 2002 at GoDaddy. For more information about, feel free to contact WURDD.


Best Domain Name Quotes

These are some of the best domain name quotes I’ve heard on the net. I enjoy coming back and reading these from time to time.

I suggest that anyone first starting out – before you even think about buying a domain – go to and read the articles in the feed. It’s easy, quick and you’ll find the most current trade news from the industry.

Also, join NamePros and read the posts. Go through the history, search for people that make a living selling domains and see what they have to say about the industry. I love to see and hear what people are saying about domains.

Following are some of may favorite quotes about domain names and technology, with a little bit of fun stuff thrown in to boot:

  • Probably the best known misquote from the Domain Name Industry:

    Domains have and will continue to go up in value faster than any other commodity ever known to man. -Rick Schwartz*

    ***I’ve seen this attributed to Bill Gates thousands of times. If Mr. Gates truly said and believed this he could have cornered the domain market many times over. Sorry, but this immortal nugget belongs to the Domain King™.

  • The pilot of Halt and Catch Fire is one of my favorites:

    Computers aren’t the thing. They’re the thing that gets us to the thing. -Joe MacMillan

  • The Domain King™ is money all day long:

    Nothing happens until a sale is made. -Rick Schwartz

    Is a domain a commodity? An investment? A safe haven? Real estate? Yes and much more. It is the most portable asset the world has ever known. But bigger than all that is that a great domain name is an equalizer. -Rick Schwartz

  • Expert exchange on NamePros:

    It helps if the domains in your portfolio have unique qualities and cannot easily be substituted for another domain name…One-word domains in a primary extension that name a key product or concept – there really is no substitute for these. -Nat Cohen

  • HLDR:

    Want to be successful in the domain business? Don’t piss your money away. -Michael Berkens

  • I think this is a Berkens quote too, I need to go back and find it:
    Instead of going out and hand registering new domains every day, why not add more years to the better domains you already own? -Mike Berkens
  • From Domain Sherpa:

    The best keyword domain names are in verticals where the consumer is not aware of a particular brand, and so they go and they search for the exact match product, not the brand. -Andrew Rosener, Media Options

    That’s exactly right. -Frank Schilling

    ***That was the best observation and comment about the domains I try to buy that I’ve heard so far – a perfect description.

  • …And more from Domain Sherpa:

    So, the moment you have to start explaining it to your buyer, then it’s already established that’s not going to be your buyer….the guy that shows up at your doorstep, he either gets it or he doesn’t. There’s no reason to explain and every time you engage in that you are devaluing your name. So, the matter of once you start explaining you lose is absolutely correct, but the caveat is it depends on who you’re explaining it to. -Andrew Rosener, Media Options

  • Discussion about Outbound Emails on NamePros:
    If they have a bad domain, then they don’t need another domain that is slightly less bad. If they have a bad domain, and you have a good name then your domain name will speak for itself. They either get it or they don’t. -Kate from NamePros
  • Read on Seven Mile:

    The Internet begins and ends with the domain name. Buy yourself a good one and you own a greater chunk of the Internet than if you buy 10,000 bad ones. That’s why generic names are expensive. -Frank Schilling

  • Closing the sale from Halt and Catch Fire:

    Gordon, I need you to do me one favor. -Joe
    Okay. -Gordon
    Next time I move to close, this is what you do. -Joe
    Okay, what? -Gordon

    You…SHUT! UP!


Remoulade Sauce is Good for the Soul

The origins of Remoulade can be traced back to 11th century France. Its original purpose was a condiment for meat. Today, Remoulade sauce is often used as an accompaniment to seafood dishes, especially fried fish, crab cakes, oysters and shrimp in the Deep South.

Remoulade SauceMade with a base that is primarily mayonnaise, Remoulade sauce is the new king of condiments – especially when made Creole style. Louisiana Remoulade has the mayo base, but then after a multitude of ingredients are added, forms a reddish, complex sauce that’s very creamy and delightfully spicy.

The most commonly used ingredients to make Remoulade sauce include pickles, oil, celery, bell peppers, Creole mustard, lemon juice, garlic, horseradish, onions, red pepper, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, paprika, anchovies and capers.

There are thousands of various Remoulade sauce recipes circulating in the Southern US. Some of our favorites are Arnaud’s Remoulade in New Orleans and Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Remoulade – we also love the Remoulade sauces at Cane’s and Zaxby’s.

Generic Exact Match Domain Name

You’ll find that Remoulade sauce is wonderful on fried chicken tenders, steak, hibachi, po-boys, french fries, salads and all types of seafood. For more information about, feel free to contact WURDD.


Maui Palms Tree Service

Maui is known throughout the world for the exquisite beauty of the island’s palm trees. Maui Palms Tree Service is well qualified to take care of your palm trees no matter what the situation calls for – if you have a palm tree problem, contact us today.

Maui PalmsOn an island like Maui, where palm trees are planted and grown in every space imaginable, it’s natural that you will require palm tree maintenance services at some time in the life of your palm trees.

Maui Palms Tree Service ensures that your palms are protected from the elements, infestations of insects, all types of diseases, and deficiencies commonly caused by malnutrition.

Some of the services that Maui Palms Tree Service performs include:

  • Palm Trimming – Palm trimming ensures healthy growth in palms, a gain in vigor, higher nutritional health, lowers the transmission of disease, and gives your palms a higher tolerance to wind. As an added bonus we offer spikeless palm trimming – all of our palm tree technicians wear spikeless shoes when trimming your trees.
  • Palm Treatments – Our palm treatments come from years of practicing specialized methods of consistent feeding to treat palm nutritional deficiencies and our patented green eco-smart fungicide and pesticide application processes. We have the lowest price per palm tree on the island.

You may think that your palm tree has an aura of invincibility because it tolerates the Hawaiian climate so well, however the truth is palm trees are extremely sensitive and require a large amount of nutrients in order to remain beautiful, healthy and live a full life.

At Maui Palms Tree Service, we have certified arborists on salary and call, each understanding the uniqueness of each palm tree species that grow on Maui and how to properly care for them.

For more information about, feel free to contact WURDD.


How to Buy the Perfect Domain Name for Your Business

Buying the perfect domain name for your business or service can be a formidable task. If you’ve searched at GoDaddy, or any other domain name registrar, you’ve likely noticed that the domains you are looking for have already been registered.

Don’t give up hope because the name you want is gone! And don’t go registering a crappy domain name just because it’s available. There are plenty of great .com domain names out there, you just have to know where to find them and what to look for.

Always remember this – a great domain name gives you a seat at the table whether you belong there or not – there is no better way to describe why you should buy the best domain name possible. A great domain is one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Build Your Brand or Buy a Generic Exact Match Domain Name

I’ll give you an example. You own a bar and want to buy some new beer glasses with your logo on them. You do a Google search for customized pint glasses and glance over the top ten results. Guess what? I guarantee that you will click on while making your search. Why? Because you know exactly what you’re going to get there and it’s exactly what you’re shopping for.

The domain name conveys trust to the buyer. It doesn’t matter if the company that runs is the market leader, has the best price or the best customer service – they got your lead because their domain name fits the exact description of what you’re looking for.

Herein lies the power of the Internet. has the opportunity to get your business because of a great generic exact match domain name. It doesn’t matter if is a huge billion dollar corporation or a one man show, the domain name gets its owner a seat at the table no matter how big or small the company happens to be.

Online marketers talk about how branding is more important than generic exact match keyword domains. Of course, there are definite benefits of having your own brand. However, it costs lots of money and a long time to build a brand.

Why not buy the exact match domain and go straight to the front of the line! Using our example above, can you name one beer pint glass manufacturer or beer pint glass retailer brand on the market today? I didn’t think so.

Use an EMD and a Brandable Together to Build Your Business

There are thousands of niche consumer industries where generic exact match keyword domains are a much better choice for entrepreneurs just starting out. I’m definitely not saying brandables are bad, just that it can be difficult building a brand from scratch in the beginning.

In a perfect world, I would use an EMD to build my brand – make the EMD interchangeable with my brand – and focus on using both as a complement to each other. Have the two domains work together to make you the authority in your niche.

If you need help to buy a domain name for your business or service, don’t hesitate to contact WURDD – we can help. There is a ton of free information at your fingertips in the links to the right or just shoot us a message.

We love domain names and love researching domain names, if you have questions about domains please give us a shout, we can show you how to buy the perfect domain name for your business.


I Love

Many, many lifetimes ago on my first real world job, I drove a 16-bay tractor trailer delivering cases of beer to jukes, honky tonks and neighborhood stores in rural Mississippi.

LoosieIt was hard work and I loved it. I called on roughly 25-30 small accounts a day, leaving the warehouse fully loaded in the morning and – God willing – bringing the truck back home that evening in one piece and empty. There was a definite start and stop to every day that I haven’t found since then and most likely never will.

Yes, I smoked back then. Like a chimney I might add, too. I give my kids the old “back then we didn’t know it was bad for us” spiel, but they don’t believe me. Anyway, when I was selling beer, everybody around me smoked – so naturally, I did too. 🙂

Only problem was – it was too expensive for me to carry around full packs. I got hit up for a smoke everywhere I went. Outside the club, in the store, rolling beer, stocking shelves, in line to get paid – you name it, there was always someone wanting to bum a smoke. I mean, everybody hits up the beer man, don’t they? So, I learned to love the loosie. Wait. The what? Oh, you’ve never heard of a loosie?

What the Heck is a Loosie?

Well, a loosie is a single cigarette sold in the neighborhoods. Since the bulk of my customers were little neighborhood stores and jukes, I could get a loosie at the counter when I got paid after delivery. Back in the good ‘ole days, loosies would set me back 10¢ apiece and every stop had them for sale. And yes, they were mostly Newport’s, if you were wondering.

Times have changed, though. I quit smoking and selling beer years ago, so I haven’t been able to keep up with the current loosie situation. I’ve heard the loosie trade has all but gone underground because the taxman wants his cut. I also hear that loosies cost 50-75¢ each. Damn, how’s that for inflation?

I seriously hadn’t thought about smoking loosies in over ten years. And, that changed in an instant – those memories came rushing back. This is exactly what I love about domaining. Sometimes I can run across a domain name for sale and it takes me straight back in time – kind of like a time machine. The only other thing that has a similar effect on me is music. You know how a song takes you back? Coming across great domain names can, too! is a Generic, Aged, Brandable Domain Name

Yes, I grabbed I couldn’t resist it when I saw it for sale in an expired auction on GoDaddy the other night. At one time was an entertainment e-zine published by Loosie Media of NYC way back in the early 2000s. The domain has been dormant for the last 10 years, though. And, I guess that’s where I step in.

Not only is loosie slang for a loose cigarette, it’s also a term lovingly used for the loose forward positions in rugby – the loosies that make up the back row. And, last but not least, a loosie is a special song release that musicians sometimes offer as a free download on the Internet. is coming back down South where it belongs! I see as a fabulous brand name for numerous companies operating within the urban scene, sports or music and entertainment industry. For more information about the domain name, feel free to contact WURDD.